Slaghog® for Plasma

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Introducing the new SLAGHOG™ for PLASMA (SHP) for difficult to remove slag on plasma and oxyfuel slats. The SHP cleans each slat on both sides with the heavy duty quad cutters. The operator guides the tool by pushing the unit along the length of the slats. Added flexibility is provided by the adjustable tee handle which allows the operator to stand on floor or slat surface while performing cleaning.

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  • - POWERFUL 120V 15 AMP motor
  • - HIGH TORQUE drive shafts
  • - DURABLE industrial splined gearing
  • - For use on most manufactures’ plasma machines
  • - Cutters lift slag from both sides of slats simultaneously
  • - Cutters are interchangeable to accommodate different slat thicknesses
  • - Slat thickness 1/8" - 3/8"
  • - Min spacing between slats: 3"
  • - Max spacing between slats: 4" (If spacing exceeds 4" - Contact SlatPro)
  • - Adjustable T-handle allows for comfortable and safe opperation


Slag Removal Tool for use on plasma cutting machines

The tool is moved along the slats on the bed of a plasma or oxyfuel machine to remove slag that accumulates while cutting. Rotary cutting tools ride on each side of the slat to lift and remove the slag. When not in use it may be rolled along the floor and an optional stand may be used to safely store in an upright position.


The Slaghog™ For Plasma ships in two pieces; power unit and the handle assembly. All fasteners are metric.

  • - Remove the nuts and flanged bolts from the attachment face on the power unit.
  • - Place the handle tube mount face on the attachment face opposite side of plug receptacle.
  • - Insert Pivot Bolt with head on receptacle side.
  • - Insert the Angle Control Bolt in the location that sets Handle Tube to appropriate angle. Thread on nylock nuts and tighten.
  • - Plug the power cord from handle tube into the power unit receptacle.
  • - Do not plug into power before verifying the switches on the handle and power unit are off: rocker switches to O.

  • - Before plugging into power verify that the two switches are turned off.
  • - Wear work gloves and safety glasses when operating.
  • - 2 people lift onto the machine with care.
  • - Use extreme care near the cutters.
  • - Do not touch cutters unless the tool is unplugged.
The cutter geometry is ideal for most slat/pallet bed configurations. If the fit of the cutters slats does not seem correct contact the factory to find out options that are available.