Trust your repair with the people who built it.

Every product we build at Slatpro is built to last, so let us help keep your Slaghog® ready for the daily grind. Reach out to us and we can help you with a warranty claim (within 12 months of purchase) or get you the right OEM parts to perform routine Slaghog maintenance. If your Slaghog isn’t currently running you can send it in for diagnosis and repair. You can even order an upgrade kit to bring your older Slaghog to the next level.

Contact our Minneapolis-based Slatpro service team today to get started.

Fill out the our service form to get the process started. Your Slatpro service technician will look up your Slaghog, determine if it is in warranty and respond with your customized service plan.

Slag Hog
Slag Hog


Make your old Slaghog a new Slaghog

Upgrade your older Slaghog to the newest version. We offer upgrades to either the standard version or upgrade to the higher torque unit. Both include a 12-month warranty.

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