SlatPro™ provides productivity solutions for users of laser cutting machines. Current products focus on replacement copper slats, slag removal and prevention methods, as well as hand held tools for removing completed parts from laser cutting machines.

We at SlatPro™ have decades of experience in various areas of manufacturing including laser cutting, forming, welding and machining. Copper slats and other related products had been sold under the Laser Grating name since 2008. As the business has grown it became necessary to spin off a new company to provide more focus on the markets we serve which led to the launch of SlatPro™ LLC in late 2016.

Our goal is to provide products for manufacturing companies that address areas that need improvement and increase productivity. A challenge for laser cutters is how to deal with slag build up on steel slats. Copper slats compared to steel significantly reduce slag accumulation and make the slag easier to remove. The longer life of copper slats makes them cost effective over time. Tools for removing slag are offered included the SRT2 manual tool and the Slaghog™ power tool. Tools are also offered for removing finished parts from the machine such as the Magnetic Hand Lifter andHand Suction Lifters. New products will be added in the future to address customer needs.

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