Hand Magnetic Lifter - SKU: 66108

SKU: 66108

Magnetic lifter easily lifts steel parts and pipes from the machine after cutting or welding. Weighs Less Than 4 Lbs., safely holds up to 110 lbs of load-bearing capacity on steel sheet with a thickness of just 1/8 inch.

The Hand Lifter is the safest and only way to Carry, Drag, DeStack and Position all your steel pieces and pipes.

This compact hand lifter is a must for any professional who needs to handle, lift or move welded parts with the maximum temperature of 140 F

Technical Specifications

  • Over 750 lbs of holding force on ¼” steel for safe material handling.
  • Up to 75 lbs of shear force for safe carrying even in vertical lifts.
  • Holds up to 110 lbs on .120” and up to 66 lbs even on .080” steel!
  • Wear-resistant magnetic contact area made of hardened steel with TiN-coating preventing damages and guaranteeing a long lifetime

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